28% Discount Promotion

-Promotion cannot be used in conjuction with other promotions, vouchers and card privileges.

-Promotion is only valid to non-discounted items only.

-Promotion is from the 17th - 25th Jan.

-Promotion is extended to all Key Power Stores including Queensway Brooks and Marina Square Key Power Store.

February 22, 2014

For all SportSanity Privilege Cardholders

1) 15% Off - Regular Priced Items

2) 5% Off - Discounted Items


- Promotion is not valid with other credit card/card privileges/vouchers
- SportSanity Privilege Card must be presented to enjoy the discounts

- Promotions only applies to in-house brands/products
- Identification Card must be presented upon request for verification purposes 

For more information on how to get your SportSanity Privilege Card, follow this link